Designing hand made timber furniture



The design process begins by submitting your requirements on our request a quote form, or contacting us on (02) 6651 3704

Furniture timbers, colours, stains etc...

Please stipulate timbers, sizes, purpose and colours required . If you are looking to add to a collection, please include photos of your pieces to enable us to match the look, shades, proportions  etc. If you are interested in an entertainment unit, please specify the equipment makes and models that will be housed in the unit.


Furniture inspirations.

To help your furniture inspirations, please tour our furniture page which show previous work commissioned. Please mention any pieces that catch your eye.


Timber furniture design

Once we receive your requirements, we can then assist you in deciding the best design, raw materials, colours or stains, the finish, handles etc and of course upholstery. Just changing the wood can transform the look of the item of furniture. A lighter timber can make the item appear bigger , while a darker timber can make it feel smaller. By making even slight changes in these elements , can make a lot of difference to the way that your finished furniture looks. We will at this stage be able to give you an estimation of the cost.

If you wish to proceed further, an outline of the proposed piece will be emailed to you for your perusal.

A formal quote will also be given at this stage, detailing a price for the piece and a delivery time.

If you wish to continue we request a 50% non refundable deposit.  A contract of sale will be sent which fully details the piece being commissioned, total cost, excluding delivery charge and delivery time .Concept sketches will be emailed or posted to you so that you can fully visualise the piece before the construction begins.


We will keep you informed of the progress of your new antique and when it is complete. We request another 50% deposit when the piece is constructed and will then arrange with you the delivery time and inform you of the delivery charge. 


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