Furniture care                                                                        

Please read through the following to ensure you fully appreciate all aspects of how to keep your heirloom in tip top condition.


Temperature, Humidity and Sunlight

All fine furniture should have as stable an environment as possible.

A fairly constant temperature and humidity level should be maintained. This can be accomplished by using a humidifier in the winter months and a dehumidifier in the summertime.

Moisture causes the timber to expand or contract. even though our furniture is built to accommodate such movement, on rare occasions a particular board may move in an undesirable way.

Intense, direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause your furniture to dry out and may even fade over time. Careful attention should be paid to this, as there is no finish that can totally suppress the sunís UV rays.

General care

Never use indoor furniture outdoors.

Always lift furniture when moving it , never drag it. Never rock on the back of a chair because it may weaken the structure and possibly cause joint failure.

Always use heat resistant placemats or saucers to protect the surface from heat damage. This also includes lap top computers which produce a great deal of heat.

Care should be taken with condensation from cold containers or spills of liquid Ė particularly alcoholic beverages. Wipe dry promptly.

Dust with a soft cloth and remove sticky marks with a soft cloth which has been dampened with a little mineral turps. Furniture or cleaning products which are silicone based, pledge etc, or oils, will with continued use, leave a residue which will make refinishing or retouching ( in case of accidents) extremely difficult.

Use any good quality furniture wax to clean and protect your furniture. Apply liberally to the surface with a clean soft cloth, applying the product evenly with the grain and then immediately buff with a clean cloth (for beeswax please use stocking). High use areas like tabletops apply approximately every 8 weeks. Use when furniture surfaces seem dull to restore lustre. Furniture which is exposed to strong light or heat may require extra attention.

As timbers age, they acquire a deeper, richer colour. This is normal and adds to the beauty of your furniture. For more information regarding the care of your furniture, or if you need help with a specific problem, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can be of service.







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