Our story                                                                                     

After growing up in England for 45 years with a tool maker father, I was brought up seeing the finer things in life and watching a craftsman at work.

I also watched the craftsmanship disappear as apprentices were not encouraged and the imports began.

On emigrating to Australia in 2008, I began our new life by renovating our home. When the decision came to furnish our rooms I could see how the skilled craftsman were still available and could make whatever was desired, but to find them was a daunting task.

The overwhelming reason for this site was to allow the craft to continue by allowing everyone quick and easy access to trusted makers of beautiful and enduring Australian made designer furniture.

My mission is to bring easy access to all Australians who wish to own and enjoy beautiful hand made furniture. I want to help you discover and acquire the finest Australian furniture available today and add to the antiques of the future.

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