There are a vast range of timbers available to create your furniture, both Australian sourced and imported. Using the timbers featured, you can gain an idea as to the look and feel required to make your piece unique.  

Veneering techniques include book matching, slip matching and reverse slip matching. 

American Black Walnut - Juglans nigra
A medium to large hardwood occuring in the eastern parts of the USA.  Also grown in limited quantities as a plantation timber in Australia.  The heartwood is usually a uniform pale to dark purplish brown which tends to darken with age.  The grain is usually straight.  Prized for use in fine furniture.
Blackwood / Black wattle - Acacia melanoxylon

Common in eastern states, blackwood is valued for its lustrous grain and long lasting qualities.  Heartwood is golden brown to dark brown with occasional red tinting.  The grain is usually straight.  Blackwood is believed to be one of the finest furniture timbers in the world.  

BluegumEucalyptus saligna

A large common hardwood of the eastern states.  Colour varies from dark pink to red-brown and gum veining is common.  This is a beautiful looking timber.  Itís potential as a furniture timber has yet to be fully realised. 


Sydney Blue Gum - Eucalyptus globulus

Sydney Blue Gum is a majestic white-trunked forest tree found along the coastal belt of New South Wales and into southern Queensland.
It is an open textured hardwood and is pale pink to pinkish red in colour. It has similar characteristics to Rose Gum, but Sydney Blue Gum is a harder and stronger timber. In the past, it was generally only used as a building timber as it was considered difficult to season. However, with the advent of technology and modern kiln-drying techniques, the timber is becoming more sought after and is being used extensively by modern day cabinet makers.
Cedar Toona australis
Large hardwood found in coastal rainforests of eastern Australia.  One of the few deciduous natives.  It is light durable and beautiful.  Indoor use only.
Celery Top Pine - Phyllocladus asplenifolius
Unique to Tasmania, Celery Top Pine has a pale straw colour, darkening to a beautiful gold with age.  There is an occasional hint of red.  The timber has a straight, fine and even grain with a close even texture.  Highly durable for indoor and outdoor use. 
Huon Pine - Lagarosrobos franklinii

Tasmanias, Huon Pine ranges from pale yellow to yellow brown.  Generally a straw timber that changes to a sombre yellow with age.  Grain is straight, fine and even with occasional birdseye figures.  Growth rings are conspicuous.  Huon is soft, smooth and oily to touch.  A highly durable timber.

Grey Ironbark - Eucalyptus drepanophylla
A very durable timber found in the coastal regions of NSW and Southern Queensland, ironbark ranges from reddish-brown to dark brown.  It is a beautiful timber which is difficult to work and therefore not used to its full potential.
Jarrah - Eucalyptus marginata
Unique to Western Australia, it is probably one of our best-known and highly regarded timbers.  The heartwood is dark red in colour, is extremely strong and hard wearing.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Myrtle - Nothofagus cunninghamii
Tasmanian Myrtle is pink to pale reddish brown in colour with occasional pale yellow-grey streaks.  Grain is straight with a fine, even and smooth texture.  Myrtle is prized for use in furniture and wood turning.  Suitable for indoor use only.
Macassar Ebony - Diospros rumphii
Macassar Ebony is a hardwood found in the coastal forests of Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The heartwood is variegated, usually brown to dark brown with stripes of dark brown or black.  The grain is usually straight with a very fine texture.
Queensland Maple - Flindersia brayleyana
Queensland Maple is an outstanding furniture timber.  The heartwood is pink to brownish pink.  Now very limited in availability due to growing areas mainly being in heritage listed North Queensland forests.
Redgum - Eucalyptus Camaldulensis
Found on the banks of the Murray river, redgum is a deep, lustrous red with intertwined grain.  Famed for its beautiful sap and grain patterns.  River redgum is difficult to work but the benefit is that any furniture piece made from this timber is not only beautiful, but will be enjoyed for generations to come.
Red Mahogany - Eucalyptus resinifera
Also known as red stringybark and found in New South Wales and Queensland.  The heartwood ranges from red to dark red.  Ideal for outdoor furniture.  Highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to weather although should be kept off the ground.
Rosewood - Eucalyptus grandis
The heartwood ranges in colour from pale pink to red brown. Rosewood is found in east coast rainforests of New South Wales and Queensland.  It has a fine and uniform grain with a beautiful scent. Suitable for outdoor use, but should be kept clear of the ground.
Blackheart Sassafras - Atherosperma moschatum
Tasmanian sassafras is a creamy grey to white and very light brown.  It can be streaked with staining fungus known as blackheart and ranges from grey brown to black.  Sassafras is renowned in designer furniture.
Silky Oak - Cardwellia sublimis
Native to the coastal rainforests of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland and a highly prized cabinet timber. The heartwood is pale pink to brown in colour.  Grain is straight with a moderately coarse texture. 
Silver Ash - Flindersia bourjotiana
Heartwood varies from pale yellow to silver white.  Silver Ash has an open straight grain with a medium texture.  Grows mainly in the rainforests of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland.
Spotted Gum - Corymbia citriodora
Spotted gum is one of the hardest timbers in the world with colour from light honey to dark brown with grey tones and sometimes purple streaks.    Gum veins are common.  Ideal for outdoors
Tallowwood - Eucalyptus microcorys
Tallowwood is pale to darker yellow-brown with an almost white sapwood.  The wood is fairly coarse with an interlocking grain.  Suitable for outdoors.  Grown in New South Wales and Queensland.
Tasmanian Oak - Eucalyptus delegatensis
Tasmanian Oak is a warm dense, hard wearing hardwood.  Colour varies from straw to red-brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink.  The timber has straight, open and even grain. 
Tiger Myrtle - Nothofagus Cunninghamii
A rare type of timber from within the myrtle species which grows in the Tasmanian rainforests.  Blackheart staining produces a figuring, known as tiger myrtle because of it's striking lined effect reminiscent of the stripes of a tiger.  Sometimes the figuring takes a dotted form like the spots of a leopard.
Turpentine - Syncarpia glomulifera
Found along the eastern coast of New South Wales and Queensland.  The heartwood ranges from deep red to red-brown.  Highly resistant to decay making it ideal for outdoor furniture.
New Guinea Rosewood- Pterocarpus indicus

New Guinea Rosewood is often a warm golden brown colour. It has a variable grain which is often highly figured. This timber is very rarely stained and is chosen for its natural characteristics. Rosewood is commonly found throughout the Asian and Pacific regions.


Queensland Walnut - Endiandra palmerstonii

Queensland Walnut is a medium to large tree from northern Queensland. It varies in colour from pale to dark brown, with streaks of pink, greyish-green or black. It is a good timber for steam bending.


American White Oak - Quercus alba

American White Oak is a hard wearing hardwood, predominately found in eastern North America. It's appearance ranges from pale ochre to mid-brown, with shades of grey and pink. It is similar in appearance to Tasmanian Oak, but has a more distinctive grain pattern, with more decorative figuring. Whilst still being a light coloured timber, it is slightly darker in appearance to Tasmanian Oak.
American Oak has many uses ranging from high-end furniture, architectural interiors, to doors, flooring and panelling.


European Beech - Fagus sylvatica

European Beech is found across Great Britain, central and western Europe.
It is a well known commercial timber, and is used around the world in musical instruments, decorative detailing, flooring and furniture making. Despite being a hardwood, it is relatively easy to work with, and when seasoned, is harder than Oak.
European Beech is a straight grained timber, with a fine, even texture. It ranges in colour from light cream with pinkish tones, to a light brown with golden hues.

Veneer Techniques

Book matching
The most commonly used method of matching timber veneers.  The veneer leaves are folded out as if opening the pages of a book so that one veneer leaf is a mirror image of the next.
Slip matching
The veneer leaves are simply laid said by side so that the figure pattern is repeated.  Veneers need to be reasonably straight grained otherwise an unbalanced appearance will occur.
Reverse slip matching
The veneer leaves are laid as for slip matched, except that every alternate leaf is reversed (turned end for end).  This method is usually used in table tops and other horizontal applications requiring a uniform appearance.

If the specific timber you have in mind is not listed above, please ask. Chances are, we will be able to source it from one of our reliable timber merchants who specialise in rare and unique timbers. If not, we will be able to recommend a timber which is similar in appearance and characteristics.



 Painted finish

We are able to finish your furniture in your choice of colour, including colour matching to your wall colour. When this finish is chosen, we use a Heat and Moisture Resistant (HMR) MDF board, which is then prepared and finished in your chosen colour. A strong, durable, clear top coat is then applied to maintain the finish. HMR MDF is NOT particleboard/chipboard. It is a long lasting material and will not flake or crumble like particleboard/chipboard.



you are not limited to choosing from 3 or 4 standard stain colours.  only  the best quality stains, lacquers and paints are used to ensure the final finish is beautiful, yet practical and hard wearing. we are capable of colour-matching your new furniture to existing furniture, as well as creating custom stain colours that will harmonise with your home and decor.
Solid paint colours are also available and we have the ability to have our paints mixed to any colour. We can even match to your wall colour.

The timber samples shown are for indication purposes only.

Please bear in mind that wood is a natural product with individual characteristics. This can show in its shade and grain variation.


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